Your First Pregnancy

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The news is exciting… you’re pregnant!  But with that first positive pregnancy test there are also questions and, maybe, doubts.  “Am I eating the right foods?” “Is the baby alright?” “Can I do this?”

In years past, women were surrounded by mothers ready to share their many experiences of birth. But in today’s world of diverse career paths, you may find yourself feeling alone in the new role of pregnancy.  And how can you go about “getting it right” the first time? How can you make the childbearing year most satisfying when learning from experienced moms may be difficult?

The ready-made group found in today’s childbirth class can provide that circle of informed peers. It offers a place to discover other new moms and partners with the same concerns, questions and maybe fears. It is a place to compare the complaints and joys of pregnancy and discuss various birth plans.  It should be a place to realize that you know more about building a family than you thought and you have some great support to get the job done. Afterwards, the class becomes a familiar social group for your changing family.

Take the time to investigate the classes in our community. BirthBasics offers many classes for the childbearing year meeting your questions with evidence based information. Pre-pregnancy, newly pregnant, the childbirth series and sibling classes are scheduled on the website year-round. The BirthBasics class is a place to explore birth when it follows an expected path as well as what to do when it seems to follow it’s own unique course. BirthBasics makes time to focus on breathing awareness with relaxation as well as other comfort practices for labor in every class.

Dare to make it a special year for the arrival of your precious newborn. Share the journey of birth with BirthBasics…because you know the rest.


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