5 Habits of the Successful Childbirth Educator

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1. She is credentialed.

This professional not only values understanding the evidence-based and empirical knowledge related to the birthing woman and family but she also works to perfect how to best share that information with her clients.

2. She creates and works from behavioral       objectives.

Her birth class is designed from the start to provide clients time to discover knowledge, feelings, and skills useful in labor, birth, and parenting. She creates a plan to practice these skills in every class.

3. She welcomes observation and feedback             from other professionals.

Observation is one of the best ways to improve teaching skills. The discerning educator chose a CBE certification program that required her to be observed in the classroom setting by another birth professional and she learns from the experience.

4. She never stops learning.

The successful professional seeks continuing educational opportunities. She knows adult learners and the birth profession are always growing and changing.

5. She evaluates outcomes.

The professional birth educator provides an easy way to gather feedback from her clients at all her teaching events. Evaluation provides for realistic growth and improvement. She knows her clients will teach her and she values their input.



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