Cancellation and Refund Policies

Although BirthBasics reserves the right to cancel any class or workshop related to lack of participation or other unforeseen changes, we do try to make every event a “go”…no matter what the difficulty. Early registration for an event not only saves money but helps us to know you are interested and increases the likelihood that it will come to be as planned!

Four weeks before a workshop date, BirthBasics determines if the workshop has sufficient interest to continue. In the rare instance a workshop is cancelled by BirthBasics at that time, all registration fees will be returned to the registrant minus the PayPal processing fees. BirthBasics is not responsible for any travel or room arrangements made by registrants that cannot be cancelled. Registrants should check the BirthBasics website for current information about the status of each workshop before booking travel and hotel accommodations.

If BirthBasics chooses to cancel a workshop four weeks before registrants may also choose to transfer their workshop fees to another suitable event.

Should dangerous weather make it impossible to attend the class or workshop, registration fees will not be returned but an alternate event date will be set or registrants may choose to attend another scheduled event. BirthBasics will make every reasonable effort to reschedule and complete the training for these registrants.

Once registered for a class or workshop that is not cancelled by BirthBasics the registration fees are not refundable. If a registrant encounters a problem attending the event those fees may be transferred to another BirthBasics event within the next year.